Cherokee Open

Tournament Details

Date: June 4th- 7th 
Age Groups: 5, 6, 8,10,12, 13 &14​
Location: Canton, GA
Awards: Team & Individual Trophies
Registration Deadline: May 25th

Team Entry Fees:

 5U-8U (Coach Pitch)
13U, 14U (54' mound, 80' bases)

Tournament Format: 2 games of pool play followed by single elimination brackets. For pool play, teams can expect 1 weeknight game and 1 Saturday game. Some teams could have 2 games on Saturday. Coaches, please do not contact us with schedule preferences and requests. We are unable to take them at this time.

The 2020 Cherokee Open will be held in Canton, Georgia from June 4th through June 7th for the following age groups: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, & 14 year old's. This event will be held at Mauldin Park (Home of Canton Dizzy Dean), Sequoyah Baseball Park (Home Of East Cherokee Baseball), and Weatherby Park. The Cherokee Open averages 80-90 teams each year and is perfect for "A, B, and C" teams.

The "A" division teams will be separated from the "B/C" division teams when applicable. The total number & types of divisions & brackets will be determined by the number & types of participating teams. Those age groups that do not get separated  into "A" & "B/C" categories may still be placed into "Gold" & "Silver" brackets depending on the amount of participating teams. The final tournament format per age group will be at the tournament directors discretion based upon these factors.

We will play Dizzy Dean rules (with a couple of small modifications) for this tournament, however, the tournament is open to any type of All-Star team (Dizzy Dean, USSSA, Ripken, Pony, Dixie Youth, Little League, etc...) Travel teams will not be allowed to participate in this tournament.

***All-Star Baseball WILL allow the use of USSSA BPF 1.15 bats as well as the new USA bats***

To reserve your spot in this tournament, Call or email Taj today. You will then need to print the tournament entry form and mail it in with a check by the deadline listed on the entry form. This tournament has limited spots and fills up faster and faster each year so don't wait and get left out!

Taj Zipperman
Phone  (770)855-9842